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Well woke up this morning and mike told me that upon takin a piss, that the toilet was frozen. ok esays i. So I clean up the bedroom, while waitin for everything to thaw out. Its while im vaccuuming that i notice a Big line voltage drop where the lights dim, and the vaccuume slows down. Ah says I , I need to turn the frozen booster pump off b4 it burns out. Head down to do that, and find 2 check valves are frozen solid and broken, thru the heat tape on them too.So out to fresno we go with likst in paw. We managed to be in town ownly a little over an hour, and got everything we needed to complete plumbing nightmare. I even got the elusive zipper fur my suit, that noone carries near home. And the buckles for my hooves.
We got back home in record time having taken 1/2 a day to run for parts, and set about repairing the water situation. Well upon doing that, and thawing the ice tubes out of the pipes, we found that the supply branch for the pressure side of the pump was broken the entire length, including all the fittings. So in short, we managed a quick fix, eliminating allot ov pipe, and waited 2 hours after to test it. Well it worked fine, with the exc, of the hot water pipe under the bathroom was broken, and sprayin out all the hot water. Shut off the supply to heater, and it stopped. Ok thinks I, but fuck nooo! 1/2 hour later theres another leak I can hear. And its on the cold side.
I take a quick hot towel bath, and head back out to drain entirre syst, and the hose bib is already frozen 1/2 hour later.
I have needed to redo the plumbing, but not really when the hi is 35*. I have all the fittings, and pipe in copper already, but have been putting it off till i had the bathroom ready to plumb.
I think fur now Im gonna go and garden hose it till i have the energy to deal with it.

I Do have to ask epona if I can have Any luck on things tho. Im fn tired of Everything being a fucking hell ordeal Every time.

Oh and there was a nice roaring flue fire tonight too, while we ran around looking for water. Luckilly it subsided quickly after slamming the dampers shut. And Yes i Did punch out the flue. 2! weeks ago :( GRRRRRRRRRRRR
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