'Tivo Overo (altivo) wrote in furry_farmers,
'Tivo Overo

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Uh, OK

Well, that was unexpected. However, I'm willing to stand in at least for the present, though I'm not sure I really qualify as a farmer unless just the fact of having a very small farm makes me one. That's sort of like saying that owning a truck makes you a trucker, isn't it?

I have no plans to be going anywhere, so the community will stand. We might consider appointing a second moderator though, just in case the unexpected comes along. Any thoughts?
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I'd be happy to step up and do the moderation. I own and run a horse farm.
Thanks for volunteering. I've added you as a maintainer, and you should get an e-mail confirming that. I feel better having two people with management ability. That way if something happens to one of us or our account gets messed up, the other still retains control and can take suitable action.