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Yikes, loose horses

Not the way I like to get up in the morning. Chasing loose horses. Looked out and no horses waiting, saw them up on the northeast corner and on the wrong side of the fence. Yikes.
No great hurry. They were trying to get back on this side of the fence. It's feeding time.
The breach was easy to find, the stapples that held the back gate was gone and gate was wide open.
All it took to get them trotting happily home was one look at the feed scoop and don't get in the way.
First to the gate were my three mini studs, the paint colt Traveler his mother Lady Marm. Then there was Bellah, Dancer, Rosie and Jake. The donks stayed home, so did Margo and Knight pluw Bluebery Frost
Ot is a circus when we have that many horses out having fun.
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