Buckshaw (buckshaw) wrote in furry_farmers,

Barn building

We started the new 30' x 48' barn this weekend. Dug fourteen holes for the sidewall uprights, set and squared the posts, then nailed the 2" x 4" runners and 2" x 6" greenboard. We finished just before dark last night by laying out the metal, then cutting and nailing temporary crossbraces. About 12 hours of work so far, and about 10 to go before it is completely built. My shoulders and arms are sore!

Once the exterior is built, I will be starting on the interior walls (which will be 2" lumber to protect the metal from butts and hooves). After that I'll start framing out the stalls. When it's done, it will be a beautiful horse hotel, with six standard stalls and one double-size foaling stall, sliding doors, with tack and feed area, central plumbing and variable lighting.
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