Proxima Centauri (equusmaximus) wrote in furry_farmers,
Proxima Centauri

My "new" Tractor...

Well, I finally have my newest toy for the farm; something I should have had a long time ago, as it's one of the most useful things one can have on a farm: my "new" tractor!  (More pics here.)

According to, this tractor was built in 1959.  The owner says that it's a 45HP tractor, though TractorData lists it at 33HP (claimed) at the drawbar, and 43.95HP tested.  It's old, yes, but it runs well.  I had it started up and I drove it around a little, raising and lowering the Front-End-Loader (FEL) a few times.  It has power steering, which is really nice, as well as a 3pt hitch (Class 1, I think) and a 540 PTO.  According to the hour-meter, this tractor has 2917.6 hours on it.  I suspect that's incorrect, but it would be great if it really was accurate!

The problem now is getting it back to the farm.  I bought the tractor in DeWinton, a town just south and east of Calgary.  Thus, I had to acquire a trailer to move it with.  I checked about renting one, and for the length of time that I would need it, it was a better deal to buy one instead.  I can also justify the purchase as there are other things that I'm going to need, and I'll be needing a flatdeck trailer to move those as well.  Not the least of which is the 1950 Chevy truck that I bought at my In-Law's auction back at the beginning of the month (as noted here.)  The trailer is an 18' Pacesetter, 83" wide.  The trailer has dual 3500lb axles, with electric brakes on both axles.  The GVWR however, is only 6000lbs which puts it pretty much at the limit for being able to handle this tractor (the tractor coming in at 4200lbs.)  I'm not sure why the trailer's GVWR is so low, when my Sundowner horse-trailer with the same axles has an 8000lb GVWR.  I'm wondering if the fact that the Pacesetter has a wooden deck is the reason?  In any case, I'm also having the trailer outfitted with extra tie-downs for the chains.

Which brings me to a question: Anyone know how to properly secure an old tractor (or truck) to a flat-deck trailer using chains and binders?  Everything I've read says to not even think about using straps, and to use 3/8" chain instead.  I've been able to garner some information from online sources, but I've got a bit more research to do.
My biggest worry is the weather; it's threatening to get nasty again for a few days, and that's just typical of the way things have been going for the last few months.  Rain alone would be bothersome, but with the temperatures hovering near the freezing mark, it's likely to be a mixture of rain and snow.  Joy oh Joy!

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