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Ford 6610

     As I've mentioned a few times, one of the things we desperately need out here on on the farm is a small tractor.  Something along the line of a John-Deere 2130, or a 4020.  What's important is that is has a front-end-loader (FEL) and a 3-point hitch, as that just makes the whole beast that much more useful around the farm.  The problem is the cost...

     Small tractors with those features are in high demand, and the price reflects that.  Even used, one can expect to pay a few thousand dollars for such a machine!  On Sunday, I was returning a U-Haul trailer to Swift Current, and I stopped in at a few of the dealerships along the entrance to the city.  They were closed of course, but that gave me an opportunity to just look at some of the machines without any sales pressure.

     One that really caught my attention was a Ford 6610, which had been outfitted with a FEL and has a good 3pt hitch on the back.  It's an open machine (no cab), and 2-wheel drive.  I called the dealership this morning to get the specs for it, and this is what they faxed back:
  • AS IS 1991 Ford 6610
  • 2wd
  • Open Station
  • Standard Transmission
  • 540 PTO
  • 3Pt
  • 18.4 R34 Rear Tires
  • 10.00 R16 Front Tires
  • Leon 707 FEL
  • Grapple
  • 2052 hours
     They're asking $16,900 Can$ for this tractor, which doesn't seem out-of-line, but that's still an awful lot of money.  The low hours is attractive though, as is the grapple on the loader for snatching big hay bales.  Anyone have any experience, comments, or suggestions?
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