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I hope I am spelling that right. Any way the injectable muscle relaxer for horses normally given when there is a colic. I am in the vets office this morning to drop off one of the barn cats and I mention I need to get more banimine as mine has expired. I start talking with the vet tech lady there and she says doc is wary of it as if you give it to a horse with colic it can A: mask the pain and the horse thus feeling good or better could do something stupid B: make their vital signs off so the vet cant get a good reading

Now for me every vet and horse person I have ever delt with in the past in my admitedly short time of working with horses (about 5 years) has swore by the stuff. I was told that every horse owner should keep it. The rule of thumb I was always told was 1cc per 100lbs. If you have a high confidence its colic give them the banimine, get them up and walking untill the vet can get there and evaluate.

Anyway she put a note in that I requested it and is going to have doc talk to me. Doc knows me, trusts me and knows I wouldnt misuse it. Hell he wants me to come in from time to time and help him work so I dont think its that

Ive heard countless wives tales of beer, walk them, dont walk them, walk them in water but the one everyone seemed to swear by was the banimine.
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