Scrapophillia (scrapophillia) wrote in furry_farmers,

Hello and Wwoofing?

Hey everybody!  Thanks for letting me join.  I go by Scrap now, but some folks might know me as Lacrimas.  My family has land in western Mississippi that is currently tree farm, but I'm about to embark on a journey to learn the ropes of organic farming, so I can start my own.  My current thoughts (which may change WILDLY once I have some experience) are that I'd like to raise goats, chickens, a couple of cows, grow veggies, herbs, and some fruit bearing trees, along with turning some of the land back into woods and doing permaculture.  I'd like it to be sort of a commune as well as a farm, probably starting small, but I thought it might help the income to diversify a bit.  Other than farming, I'd like to set up pottery wheels, an outdoor brick kiln, a workshop for woodcrafts, an area for glass work, and (in my dreams at least) a small forge.  For my part, I already know a good bit about the pottery and woodcraft, it's the glass work and forge that are probably far-fetched for the first five to ten years.

Anyway, I'm going to be using the Wwoof registry to find farms to work, learn, and eventually intern at, and I was wondering if  anyone in this community has tried out the Wwoofing circuit at all, or maybe owns an organic farm on the registry.  

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