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Hey everybody

Wow I was pretty surpried to find this community, then again I have been surprised at other furry communitys I have found. Wow there must be a furry community for almost every interest and lifestyle you can think of.

Why am I here? Well obviously I am a furry and love it first of all! Lets see farming? Well my hole life I have lived in the city on a small lot. My favoret place to go is my grandma's farm in southwest Iowa, which has been in the family for over 65 years. I know I am kinda an "odd duck" for a person my age to enjoy the country life. I honestly can say I don't like living in the city that well, yes it has advantages but I just don't feel free. I really love being outdoors and in the city you can't ride atvs, shoot a rifle, or play music as loud as you want because it might disturb the neighbors 10 feet away WELL THAT SUCKS! So what can you do, just sit in your little lot and watch T.V.
I don't think I would like to make farming a career, but I would like to own an acarage or something someday. I dream of having a big shop were I can work on cars and woodworking stuff and I would also like to have some animals like large dogs which you can't own easliy in city limits.

I love anything with an engine cars,motorcycles,airplanes and tractors too! I am a volunteer member of the local university's tractor museum.
Here again I feel kinda like an "odd duck" because in our little tractor club there is only one other guy roughly around my age the rest our like 60 and 80 years-old men.
We take tractors to shows and parades to rise awarness of the museume.
Here is me at the NE. State fair

The first tractor is a John Deere 1962 430T the last of the 2cyls the "johnny poppers".
The second tractor is a 1943 Ford Fergison 2N 3 speed trans.

Lincoln,Nebraska is also home to the UNL tractor test lab one of only a handfull in the world.
I also like going to tractor pulls, so if your into that too thats awesome.

Anyway hope to meet some of you peace out fellow fuzzies!
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